B League Division 6 final – O’Mahonys secure strong victory

By Club


O’Mahonys 7-9
Drumbaragh 0-7

O’Mahonys had a comprehensive victory over Drumbaragh in Kilmainham on Saturday evening. O’Mahonys were dominant from the beginning of the game and put a high score on the scoreboard.

O’Mahonys led from the off and put up a convincing 4-3 in the opening half while restricting Drumbaragh to a single point. O’Mahonys continued on form in the second half and finished the game with a 7-9 to 0-7 victory with great performances all over the pitch with great saves from Aaron Byrne in goals to great play from the forward line in putting up some super scores. O’Mahonys captain Ciarán McGuinness accepted the cup from Peter O’Halloran following the game.

O’Mahonys: Aaron Byrne, Andy Leech, Darren Reilly, Mikey O’Reilly, Eamon Ferris, David Dillon, Paddy Dillon, Jack Walsh, Dylan Regan (2-3), Gavin Fox (0-1), Mikey Kelly (2-0), Niall Kearney, Ciarán O’Hanlon (2-0), Cormac MacEnteggart (1-4), Ciarán McGuinness. Subs: Brian Gibney for Gavin Fox, Niall McGrane for Niall Kearney, Darragh McGuinness for Darren Reilly, Darragh Greene (0-1) for Mikey Kelly, Patrick Leahy for Paddy Dillon