B League Division 6

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B League Div 6 Round 2

O’Mahonys 2 – 15    Drumbaragh 1 – 07


A young Navan O’Mahony’s team were too strong for Drumbaragh’s second string, in Navan this afternoon.


The O’Mahonys oldest player at 25, Mikey Kelly lead by example on the forty, from where he orchestrated many scores.


O’Mahonys had the strong wind in the first half and squandered many early chances. With 15 minutes gone the sides were level 1-03 a piece, however Drumbaragh did not score again in first half, while O’Mahonys tagged on seven points.


Dylan Regan and Conor Doyle came off injured early in the first half and were replaced by Ciaran O’Hanlon and Dale O’Kane.


O’Mahonys were in control in the second half scoring 1-05 against Drumbaraghs -04 points


Great to see Peter Butler back, he came on for Gavin Fox at half time and well done to the young minors who played their first adult game.


Red came on for the brother Decky Mc Guinness, Darren Reilly for Eamon Ferris (enjoyed forty one last night) and Luke O’Malley for Duggie.


A great performance all round, Aaron did well in his debut, backs absorbed most of the pressure, Finno had to come back to marshall the square when Doyler came off, Foxy, Decky and Ev surged forward causing problems for Drumbaragh. Walsher is as fit as a fiddle and pulled balls out of the sky, Murf, Dug, Robbie and big Mac dominated. Young Ciaran O’Hanlon caused trouble on every possession and combined well with Dalo



Aaron Byrne, Kevin O’Hanlon, Doyler, Eamon Ferris, Foxy (-01), Decky, Ev, Finno, Walsher, Murf(-05), Mikey, Dug, Rob(1-05), Mac (1-02), Rego (-01) Subs: Ciaran O’H (-01) for Regan, Dale O’Kane for Doyler, Peter Butler for Foxy, Darragh McGuinness for Decky, Darren Reilly for Ferris, Luke O’Malley for Duggie.