Code of conduct

The following is the recommended code of conduct for all members, players, parents &
mentors involved with O’Mahonys CLCG.


  • Always do your best, play fairly and have fun.
  • Always shake hands before and after a match.
  • Avoid physical or verbal abuse
  • Respect officials/referees and accept their decisions.
  • Do not shout at or argue with the referee, officials, team mates or opponents.
  • Bullying is totally unacceptable.
  • Avoid using foul or abusive language.
  • Always remember that football is a team game and
    encourage your fellow players.
  • Respect your club and its property.


  • Coach by example and encourage sportsmanship and fair play on the field of play among juvenile players.
  • Ensure that sufficient time and attention is given to less talented players.
  • Try to ensure that training is an enjoyable experience for the players.
  • Do not put too much emphasis on results.
  • Avoid verbal exchanges with referees or opposing mentors / players.
  • Avoid physical or verbal abuse.


  • Avoid spending excessive amounts of time with children away from others.
  • Avoid taking children to your home or taking children on journeys alone in your car.
  • Do not rebuke a child for making a mistake, always encourage.
  • Avoid taking sessions alone.




  • Always encourage and support your child in
  • their sport.
  • Be familiar with those mentors who are coaching
  • your child.
  • Behave responsibly on the sideline.
  • Bring children to and from training on time.
  • Encourage your child to play by the rules.
  • Ensure your child has the proper training/playing gear and water.
  • Support the coaches and help out wherever necessary.
  • Ensure that your child is registered and paid-up.
  • Respect the coaches’ decisions and encourage your children to do the same.
  • Show your support for your child/team by attending matches on a regular basis and assisting in the organisation of club activities.


  • The use of sanctions is an important element in the maintenance of discipline. Coaches have the authority to apply sanctions where deemed necessary, however, coaches should have a clear understanding of where and when particular sanctions are appropriate. The age and developmental stage of the child should be taken into consideration when using sanctions. The following steps are suggested:
  • A warning should be given if a rule is broken, eg poor conduct.
  • A sanction (for example, use of time out) should be applied if a rule is broken for a second time.
  • If a rule is broken three or more times, the child should be spoken to, and if necessary, the parents/guardians should be informed.
  • If the offences continue the coach can request that the player be suspended from training & matches for a defined period
  • Offences can be defined as (Applied to ALL members:)
  • Continuous breaches of discipline
  • Refusal to carry out the instructions of the coach
  • Wilful damage to club property or that of visiting teams, or Bringing the club into disrepute through the player’s or members actions during a training session, match or any event organised by the club.

In the event of such incidents occurring, the player/member can  be reported to the disciplinary committee.

This committee will then make recommendations to the executive in regard to impose appropiate sanctions as governed by CLG rules.



As per the GAA Club Constitution:

5.11.1 The Executive Committee shall have the power   to investigate any matter, and to expel, suspend,   

 warn, fine or disqualify Members from Club activities  

 for breach of this Constitution and Rules or the Official 

 Guide or for conduct considered to have discredited or 

 harmed the Club or the G.A.A.

5.11.2 Such persons, if Full Members (including Honorary Members) or Youth Members, shall have the right to appeal to the Hearings Committee of the County Committee of the G.A.A., within seven days of being notified of such decision.”

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